“From error to error one discovers the entire truth.”

I prefer to be anonymous so I will call myself The Alchemist (TA) or The Selfish Speculator (TSS). I’ve dedicated my life to markets, and it dawned on me how selfish that is – what value do I add to society ? what do I create ?

My goal with this blog is to try to put some good of my own out there into the universe by sharing some of my views on the game of speculation. I also intend to document in real time, an equity investment portfolio via http://www.stockfuse.com.

The portfolio will be documented in diary format very similar to “The real time experiment” in George Soros’s 1987 classic Alchemy of Finance. 

The Equity portfolio will be structured around long/short investment ideas based on my assessment of business fundamentals or market sentiment.

I consider this a philosophical blog that discusses my ever-changing opinion on the game of speculation. I guarantee my writings will be filled with paradoxes, they will be brief, and they will be long.

I believe the quote at the start of this page perfectly sums up the experience of every green trader, the journey to profitability is arduous and grueling. There is no substitute for pain, there is no way to avoid paying your tuition to the markets and there certainly is no holy grail.

The way to trade is by trading, the way to make money is by making it, observe yourself in the market, journal your trades, listen to your body, and be sensitive to your emotions (do not suppress or ignore them).

This blog is for the discretionary swing/position trader. Not the scalper, or the systematic trader.

The goal of this blog is to put something positive out there, something different so here’s your first dose:

I do not believe in rules when trading, only laws and guidelines. With my style of trading rules are too arbitrary because the game is always changing – again these are just my thoughts, I can only trade in accordance with my experiences. What works for me might not work for you.

My two laws to successful speculation:

  • Selectivity 
  • Money Management

My guidelines are always changing, they reflect wherever I am personally as a speculator. I will not share my guidelines because they are not for you. Through experience and pain you will come up with yours and they will work perfectly for you as mine do for me.

My pages are just the start of what should be a thought-provoking dialogue between my readers and myself.

Feel free to question my ideas, leave suggestions and opinions in the comments box below.  I will do my best to respond and engage you even further.

P.S no negativity will be tolerated on this site.

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